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Programmatically change database properties

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To satisfy my curiousity after reading this Knowledge base article with the same title as this post,  I've been going over the different flags in the $Flags field inside the Database Icon design element of a Lotus Notes Database (R8.0.2 client on R8.0.2 Server), and found a number additional flags that might be usefull.

To get a handle to the Database Icon use the following: Set doc = db.GetDocumentByID("FFFF0010")

This will provide you with a document object that you can use to modify the $Flags & $FlagsNoRefresh fields (plus a number of other fields).
Unless otherwise stated, the letters go inside the $Flags field.

Below is an overview of flags that I found in addition to the ones in this Knowledge base article with the same title.

Basics tab
J = Use JavaScript when generating pages
X = Require SSL Connection
8 = Don't allow URL open
f = clear Allow use of Stored Forms (enabling checkbox, removes the f-flag from $Flags)
i = Display images after loading
5 = Allow document locking

g = Type: Library
j = Type: Personal Journal
b = Type: Domino Directory
B = Type: Directory Catalog
m = Type: Multi DB Search
u = Type: Portfolio
A = Type: Mailbox
r = Type: MailFile

Design tab
6 = Design Locking
h = Mark Parent Note on Reply or Forward (set: add f to $FlagsNoRefresh, clear: replace f with r in $FlagsNoRefresh or add if it's not there yet)
$FlagsNoRefresh t = List as Advanced Template in New Database Dialog
G = Copy Profile Documents with Design

Launch tab
w = Preview pane default: Bottom Right
x = Preview pane default: Right
y = Maximize Preview on Database Open

Advanced tab
R = Prohibit Design Refresh or Replace to modify Database Icon (clear: adds R, set: removes R) - This does not control 'Don't allow headline monitoring' as described in the KB doc!
q = Compress Database Design
N = Compress Document Data
4 = Allow Soft Deletions - default 48 hours, add $SoftDeleteExpireHours (number) field to specify expire period
H = Support response thread history

Optionally add the following fields:
$DisableExport="1" : text field - Disable export of view data
$UpdatedByLimit=# : number field - number of updated by names to record
$RevisionsLimit=# : number field - number of revision date/time stamps to record