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Strange scheduled task WksRep

Tags: Domino scheduled task Location

Today I noticed the following (marked bold & red)  when I entered the sh sched command on the domino console:

Scheduled                        Type                        Next schedule
Domain Indexer                Domain Indexer            14-05-2009 10:05:53
Event Monitor                 Event Monitor             14-05-2009 09:15:52
Office (Network)              WksRep                    14-05-2009 09:30:00

After digging around in the system (nothing in the notes.ini, knowledgebase, R5-8.5 forums, configuration, program & connection documents explained this particular entry) I found a number of Location documents in the Domino directory, one of which had replication enabled. Apparently somebody had once copied the location documents from the personal addressbook into the domino directory.