Memory consumption

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When I checked task manager to see what's causing my laptop to be somewhat sluggish, it showed that approx 2.4 GB of memory was committed on this poor little stinkpad with 2GB of actual RAM, a large part of which was in use by the eclipse based Notes client.

A picture named M2
This kinda sheds a different light on that 'clear the desktop' campaign doesn't it? - With this beastie running, you don't have much resources left to run anything else on your desktop/laptop.


Today's surprise

Tags: Lotus Notes R8.0

This morning's surprise:
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I have the workspace set as default homepage and this morning when I started the client I ended up with the 'bookmarks as workspace' mode that I have failed to start in the Eclipse based client intentionally.


Missing entries in the create menu

Tags: Lotus Notes R8.0

While writing an email to my mom, I wanted to add a hotlink to a web page, only to find out that I forgot to copy the url from FireFox to the clipboard.

After switching to FireFox to copy the url to the clipboard, I noticed that the normal Alt-C, H, L key sequence to create a hotlink, did no longer work, instead the create menu showed this:

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This was using a dwa7 based mailfile.

Is it just me or is R8.0 (eclipse based) really f*cked up. (see previous posts/rants).


R8.0 - Productivity Killer

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After getting fed up with some of the erratic behaviours in the R8.0 client (or should I say beta 4), I decided to do a full re-install (even followed some suggestions in the r8 forum about removing (default) printer etc.)
Uninstalled swiftfile, Lotus Notes client, removed directories, every trace of notes I could find in the registry and did a reinstall and guess what?

I still get this:
A picture named M2
when I try to access the Symphony components (the details are in the Read More section).