Productivity Killer

Tags: Lotus Notes Symphony 8.0.1 Bug

R8.0.1 Standard Symphony components (a.k.a. productivity tools) is still a productivity killer for me.
My client decided to hang 3 quarters in to writing a document , presenting me with an hour glass, with no apparent reason.

This isn't even on my company laptop where I've had issues with Symphony from the start. On this one it had worked fine in 'beta 4' (R8.0.0).

For some reason even regular alt-tab through applications was acting up, as was clicking on the taskbar icons to switch applications. Instead of activating the intended application it would not restore it to the foreground but would set the taskbar icon to blink.

After about 5 minutes as I was about to click the nsd -kill shortcut on my desktop, it decided to behave in such a way that I could actually save my document.
I ended up finishing my document using Open Office 2.3 which did not misbehave the way Symphony did.
After closing out of the R8.0.1 Standard client (or 'beta 5' as it's called by the regulars in the IRC channel #notes on EFNet), Alt-Tab and clicking on the taskbar icon went back to their normal behaviour.

Things like this make me rather reluctant to advise customers to consider upgrading to Domino R8.x. (the toolbars are still all over the place between client sessoins)

Is this just me or is the R8.x client code base still too unstable for actual deployment?


Weird error after starting Symphony-Spreadsheet

Tags: Lotus Notes Symphony 8.0.1 Bug

While having the R8.0.1 Notes client open, I launched the built-in spreadsheet program using the shortcut on my desktop, which opened fine, but after about 10 seconds the following  error appeared:
A picture named M2
Pressing "Cancel" would result in this dialog reappearing after a small delay.
Eventually I clicked on "Yes" which lead to this:
A picture named M3

Very usefull indeed.


R8.0 - Productivity Killer

Tags: Lotus Notes R8.0 Symphony

After getting fed up with some of the erratic behaviours in the R8.0 client (or should I say beta 4), I decided to do a full re-install (even followed some suggestions in the r8 forum about removing (default) printer etc.)
Uninstalled swiftfile, Lotus Notes client, removed directories, every trace of notes I could find in the registry and did a reinstall and guess what?

I still get this:
A picture named M2
when I try to access the Symphony components (the details are in the Read More section).