IBM Lotus Domino support forums not available for browser access

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I tried accessing the domino forums from the web using the all too familiar www.notes.net url - which returned an error.

ok, perhaps they're phasing out this domain, let's try www.ibm.com/support

I select Lotus and Lotus Domino, click on the Forums and Communities link which takes me to this page:

A picture named M2

Clicking any of the the Notes/Domino x discussion forum links returns this:

A picture named M3

Guys, I know it's holiday season but some people still have work to do, how hard is it to keep servers up and running?
You guys are aware of the cluster capabilities in your software? Why not use it

Same goes for sites like PWSW.

The track record for availability is not great advertisements for the product's high availability features.

Update 06-08-2009:
It's borked yet again.
Haven't been able to access PWSW's software access catalog all day either and that's a resource business partners pay good money for.
Coworker just send me this link (http://www.lotus.com/ldd/r5fixlist.nsf ) that also takes me to the apology page.

Looks like the Lotus product pages have all wondered off on vacation or something.