DWAHF_v8.5_191.12CHF2's readme

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Did the person who wrote the readme for the hotfix actually look at it?

Here's the directory content of the hotfix:
A picture named M2

and the directory contents for w32 (basically the same applies for the other platforms):
A picture named M3

Now look at the readme:

If there are files mentioned below and are not found in the zip file, then there was no changes to the files and the files don't need to be replaced.

(PLEASE NOTE:  These files listed below and in this file are not identified using the correct CASE Sensativity, Please use the CASE of the file You are replacing as a guide for installation.)

Server       Location
Platform                                                                        Files

Win32         <Domino data directory>\domino\html                        dwa85.cab

        <Domino program directory>                                         ninotes.dll
        (note:  all files in the w32 directory need to be        ninotes.sym
        installed)                                                                ndolextn.dll ***** (see note below)
                                                                                ndolextn.sym ***** (see note below)

        <Domino data directory>/jvm/lib/ext/                        dlt.jar

        <Domino data directory>\iNotes                                Forms85.nsf
        <Domino data directory>                                                us.dic

NOTE:  If files are mentioned above are not found in the zip file, this means no changes occurred in this file.

The files that are not included with the HotFix but are referenced in the readme file are marked in red.

To top this off, there are files in the hotfix that are not even mentioned in the readme:
        <Domino data directory>\domino\html\download\filesets\                n_DOLBASE.exe

Update: I should've read further towards the end of the file, this particular bit actually did make it into the readme.

And why is it too much to ask to provide an installer instead of having to manually copy those files for every server in your environment, after all this IS the 21st century is it not?

Don't even get me started on this whole applet signature debacle. It all seems very sloppy to me. Perhaps IBM has done away with their Q&A department as a cost-saving measure?


Another helpfull error

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Yesterday when I started my 8.5 Standard client it appeared to go well, it opened the workspace, the replicator page and started replicating and then I got this helpful message:

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Clicking on Details didn't work btw, so I have no idea which composite app is acting up. (and this is a standard install, no 3rd party composite apps installed at all).


Strange status bar message

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Just noticed this in my 8.5 Standard client's status bar. (and I'm running XP, nothing fancy like Vista).

A picture named M2

And no that server does not have some exotic hostname with all kinds of non US-ASCII characters either


8.5 Error messages are still very helpfull ... *NOT*

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One thing that apparently still has not been improved in R8.5: the completely braindead error messages are still there

A picture named M2

Very helpfull indeed.
And this happened when I clicked on the (move to) Folder action in the action bar from the Junk folder to move a message that I did want to keep to it's proper folder.


Weird Notes 8.5 Designer Help Db behaviour

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Earlier today I came across the following popup when I clicked on the 'IsOnServer' link in the Lotus Script NotesSession class document: in the 8.5 designer help database using the Lotus Notes 8.5 Standard client (and no Marzel this is not on my company Laptop - I still need to re-install that brick )

A picture named M2


Lotus Notes / Domino 8.5 is available

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on a Passport / PWSW site near you.

Let's see if I can slip this upgrade in without approval from the CAB (after all it's not really a .0 release is it? )