Domino 8.5.3 mailfile move does not create correct redirect file

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A customer is in the process of moving users to their new environment where the user's mailfile location is different from the old environment (i.e. mail\username.nsf -> mail\ou\username.nsf).

AdminP creates the mailfile in the correct location on the new server and updates the person document accordingly.
Sofar so good.

Once the administration process removes the old  mailfile replicas some users start complaining that they can no longer access their mailfile.

Further investigation shows that the location document on the client is updated with the correct new location of the mailfile, however the standard client is rather persistent in trying to open the mailfile from the old location. This is where the redirect file should kick in.
Unfortunately, the mail\username.nrf on the old server points to mail\username.nsf on the new server instead of mail\OU\username.nsf, resulting in a popup on the client asking the user where the client should start looking for the mailfile.

Manually updating the .nrf file so it points towards the correct location fixes the issue for the users.


8.5.3 Standard client "Error accessing product object method" after upgrade

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After upgrading a client from 8.5.2FP3 to 8.5.3 and accessing the mailfile on an 8.5 server I'm getting the following error:

A picture named M2

After clicking ok, the miniview shows: "Part of this application did not start correctly due to an open dialog box. Please close the dialog box and refresh this section to re-open the application"