Error during server based archiving using -DAOS ON commandline parameter.

Tags: Lotus Domino 9.0.1 ODS52 SPR # BBSZ9QDK4P
Recently ran into an archiving problem at a customer after upgrading to Domino R9.0.1 FP2 and ODS52:

17/01/2015 12:01:15 Archiving documents from mail\jdoe.nsf (John Doe)                                                              
17/01/2015 12:01:15 Informational, cannot enable DAOS in database mail\jdoe.nsf with ODS version 52.                                  
17/01/2015 12:01:15 Error archiving documents from mail\jdoe.nsf: Informational, DAOS is already enabled in database %p.|Informational, DAOS has been enabled for database %p.|Informational, DAOS is enabled in database %p.|Informational, cannot enable DAOS in database %p with ODS version %d.                                                        
17/01/2015 12:01:15 Informational, DAOS is already enabled in database mail\jdoe.nsf.                                                      
17/01/2015 12:01:15 Informational, to move objects into DAOS and enable DAOS you need to perform a copy-style compaction with the -daos tag (-C -daos on) on mail\jdoe.nsf.        

Talked to an IBM support rep and he informed me that this is a known issue covered in SPR # BBSZ9QDK4P
Fix probably will not make it into FP3 which is scheduled for Q1, more likely that this will be fixed in 9.0.2

In the mean time archiving will work normally withouth the -daos on parameter, but you'll have to manually check and if necessary enable DAOS for new archives to reduce storage requirements.


Domino 8.5.3 mailfile move does not create correct redirect file

Tags: Lotus Domino 8.5.3 adminp redirect file nrf move user
A customer is in the process of moving users to their new environment where the user's mailfile location is different from the old environment (i.e. mail\username.nsf -> mail\ou\username.nsf).

AdminP creates the mailfile in the correct location on the new server and updates the person document accordingly.
Sofar so good.

Once the administration process removes the old  mailfile replicas some users start complaining that they can no longer access their mailfile.

Further investigation shows that the location document on the client is updated with the correct new location of the mailfile, however the standard client is rather persistent in trying to open the mailfile from the old location. This is where the redirect file should kick in.
Unfortunately, the mail\username.nrf on the old server points to mail\username.nsf on the new server instead of mail\OU\username.nsf, resulting in a popup on the client asking the user where the client should start looking for the mailfile.

Manually updating the .nrf file so it points towards the correct location fixes the issue for the users.


Be carefull with Traveler 8.5 security configuration in Traveler policy settings document

Tags: Lotus Domino Lotus Traveler Traveler 8.5 Policy

This weekend I've been testing Traveler 8.5 using an old HP iPaq 27909b and ran into a small problem.

Once you've enabled the security settings on the Traveler policy settings document and they get pushed to a device that can not comply to these settings, the Traveler 8.5 client will not synchronise, further more it will not pickup any changes to the policy settings.


Lotus Notes / Domino 8.5 is available

Tags: Lotus Notes Lotus Domino R8.5

on a Passport / PWSW site near you.

Let's see if I can slip this upgrade in without approval from the CAB (after all it's not really a .0 release is it? )


A CA Process learning experience

Tags: Lotus Domino CA Process

The other day I found out that when you've migrated your certifier to the CA Process and at some point in time afterwards you've performed a certifier key roll over you might as well throw out those old backup copies of your certifier id.

This is how I got to this 'revelation'.

First I registered a new server using the CA process on the existing server that holds the CA, I then copied the id over to the new box and fired up the remote installer.
At the end of the Remote Server Setup wizard when it's time to actually start doing something useful it threw an error complaining that the server id had not been signed yet.


32 bit Domino on 64 bit Windows performance issue

Tags: Lotus Domino 7.0.3 FP1 8.0 Performance 64 bit SPR #FMEG6W3G25

Recently at one of our customers the domino servers exhibited severe performance issues,

This particular customer was running Domino 7.0.3 FP1 on 64 bit Windows 2003 Server and looking at the task manager on one of their servers showed that on a box with 4GB of memory, almost 3GB was in use as System Cache,

A picture named M2

Taking a look at perfmon showed that the disk queues for the volume holding the swap file were actually higher than those for the data volume, indicating that the system was primarily busy swapping data in and out of  memory.

Logging on to the system console was a painful exercise, where something as simple as clicking on the start button in the taskbar took 10+ seconds before the system responded.


R8.0.2 is available on PWSW/PA

Tags: Lotus Notes Lotus Domino 8.0.2 Bug

I just downloaded the full eclipse/standard 8.0.2 client and upgraded my main client.

The upgrade itself went ok (complaining only about an open instance of FireFox), but after launching the full client I noticed that I can no longer connect to my company's SameTime server.

(I have no problem connecting to the Bleed Yellow ST server so it's probably a setting on the server that's bugging me).

Update: The client does appear to be a lot faster than the 8.0.1
keep up the good work

One thing is still not fixed: