Programmatically change database properties

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To satisfy my curiousity after reading this Knowledge base article with the same title as this post,  I've been going over the different flags in the $Flags field inside the Database Icon design element of a Lotus Notes Database (R8.0.2 client on R8.0.2 Server), and found a number additional flags that might be usefull.

To get a handle to the Database Icon use the following: Set doc = db.GetDocumentByID("FFFF0010")

This will provide you with a document object that you can use to modify the $Flags & $FlagsNoRefresh fields (plus a number of other fields).
Unless otherwise stated, the letters go inside the $Flags field.


More R8.0 Standard fun

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After starting R8 'standard' this morning and clicking on the Mail bookmark I ended up with this:
A picture named M2

It had worked fine in 'basic/classic' mode earlier.

Can't believe there isn't a fix yet for a product that's being hailed as being the biggest thing since sliced cheese (or whatever the expression is), but has proven to be as stable as a first beta

I'm finding it hard to stay enthusiastic about the Lotus software portfolio due to a number of issues I've been running into lately:
- PeopleOnline applet in Quickplace 7.0 FP1 (and most likely in QuickR 8.0.0.x as well does not tunnel on port 80, it's hardcoded for 8082
- Sametime 7.5.1 CF1 delays in Audio & Video in on line meetings (half a second for video, a full second for audio even when the client and the server are on the same physical machine)
- Eclipse based Notes 8.0 (see above and previous posting)


Usefull error message?

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I just ran into the following error while shutting down the R8 - Classic (or whatever it's called) client:

A picture named M2

This prompt did lost focus, and clicking on it did not work.
Alt-Tab or clicking on the taskbar icon would briefly show that the dialog was active, but would immediately loose focus again.

After re-starting the Machine Debug Manager service, and a quick Alt-Tab-R key combination the 'normal' nsd process kicked in

Guess I should leave that service on Automatic start