Neat 'new' Notes feature

Tags: Lotus Notes

Just as you think that after 12 years of working with Lotus Notes you pretty much know all there is to know, you might just run into someone like Daniel Nashed to teach you about a 'new' feature (which is exactly what happened to me last week.

We were working together on a project at a customer when I noticed him performing calculations in his client instead of switching back & forth between hist Notes client  & the calculator (or excel) so I asked him if he'd created an add-in or agent to do that.

Turned out the client can evaluate formula in any text field by pressing shift-F9 since at least back in the good old R4.x days

Guess I've been too busy with administration & backend development to notice all these years ... oh well we live and learn

Know of any other gems like this? Please share them with the rest of us