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Yet another R8.0 'Feature'?

Tags: Lotus Notes

I just tried to send a pdf from within Adobe Acrobat Reader without the Notes Client already running, which started to launch the client (as expected, however, it never got to the expected bit where it would open a new message with the pdf attached to it. Instead I ended up with:

A picture named M2

At this point the taskbar was no longer visible and the Notes window did not respond to any user actions.

After killing the client through Windows TaskManager, trying to start the Eclipse client got as far as the screen shot below (taken with a webcam since it did not register at all with windows print screen function.

A picture named M3
After about 30 seconds the client would terminate, leaving no notes processes visible in task manager.

I'm glad they still kept the classic functionality through nlnotes.exe. which ran fine without having to reboot.