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My first experience with 8.0.1

Tags: Lotus Notes 8.0.1 Bug

Just upgraded my 8.0 client, setup went fine, no errors or warnings of any kind.

First time I ran the client after upgrading I ended up with this:
A picture named M2

And an hour glass that just wouldn't go away.

Only after rebooting did I get the Standard client to run.

After the Notes Setup Complete dialog it still took quite a while before the client started working normally.

After going through some prefs and clicking on Apply I ended up with the following:

A picture named M3

Clicking 'Yes' resulted in the following:
A picture named M4

Clicking Ok led to the previous prompt, this repeats leading to

A picture named M5

Until you select 'No' on the 'Enter Lotus Notes Password' prompt.

These hickups aside, the upgrade fixed the Symphony components to actually launch instead of timing out after a minute or so with a message stating it cannot open a window (or something like that).

With the  8.0 release I never got the Productivity tools to work on the company laptop, initially with an upgrade from 7.0.3 to 8.0, but not even after doing a complete re-install of the client.