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Errors while syncing Android devices after moving data directory.

Tags: Lotus Domino Traveler
One of the great things about Lotus Domino has been that it is so dead easy to move the data directory to another location by just updating the references in the server's notes.ini file.

However, when moving the data directory on a Lotus Notes Traveler server this is not enough.

Besides updating the notes.ini file you will also need to update the path reference that can be found near the end of the <dominodatadirectory>\traveler\cfg\NTSConfig.xml file

If you don't you might run into a number of errors on the server console (at least I did at a customer)
I was called in to assist a customer that was experiencing problems deploying the first Android devices with their Lotus Notes Traveler server.
(Nokia and Apple devices were working correctly)
The Notes Traveler app log on the device (in this case Samsung Galaxy S2 using Android 2.3.3) reported connection error with server <traveler server hostname> port 80

While it's trying to connect a large number of error messages start scrolling by on the server console:

31-08-2011 17:44:27   Lotus Traveler: SEVERE CN=<username>/O=<org> Unexpected SendActionExceptionException for user=CN=<username>/O=<org>#Android_68bca732901ff54d

During a restart of the Traveler task I noticed the following:

31-08-2011 18:09:24   Lotus Traveler: SEVERE *system The component com.lotus.sync.caf.devcap.DeviceCapabilitiesWrapper could not be started.    Internal error: CAF - com.lotus.sync.caf.CAFNestedException - java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\Lotus\Domino\data\traveler\cfg\Devices.xml (The system cannot find the path specified.) - java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\Lotus\Domino\data\traveler\cfg\Devices.xml (The system cannot find the path specified.)

The actual Domino data directory was located in this case in F:\Domino\Data but initially it had been on the D: drive but had since been moved.

Some searching revealed that the file F:\Domino\Data\Traveler\Cfg\NTSConfig.xml contained a reference to the original location.
After modifying this reference and restarting the Traveler and HTTP tasks the error messages were gone and the device started syncing normally.